About Us

Nuccii is a limited liability company, incorporated in November 1980. We connect the dots between world-class technologies and end- users.

Our offices and partners are strategically spread across North America, Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa, to yield quick turn-around time for our customers.

Nuccii’s culture reflects both an appreciation of the company’s rich history and a passion for continual growth and improvement. At Nuccii, dedication, along with hard work and ethical behavior are held in high esteem. Most importantly, Nuccii’s culture is shaped by a shared commitment to work to our customers’ advantage by demonstrating teamwork, resourcefulness and reliability.

Mission Statement & Vision

For Our Customers: We add value to our customers’ needs by anticipating and identifying opportunities and providing cost- effective solutions. For Our Employees: We provide an enabling environment that challenges our employees to learn, grow and prosper.

Areas of Business

Our Clients

Clients Are Our First Priority